130 years ago, Van Gogh wrote :
« What can be done –my life, too, is attacked at the very root, my step also is faltering. »
130 years later, many visitors, some travelling a great distance, have made their way to this site, only to leave disappointed and confused.

An open-air site for all

Van Gogh’s Tree Roots are located on our land. This is an immense privilege, but also a great responsibility.

Our garden has become an unmissable destination for those wishing to understand the painter’s last days. It is our greatest desire to share this site with the hundreds of thousands of visitors who come every year to follow in the painter’s footsteps, but we also need to ensure its conservation. Since the announcement of this incredible discovery, we have done everything possible to put in place measures allowing us to do both of these things.

Racines, Auvers-sur-Oise, Éléphant
Racines, palissade

The Tree Roots are still « concealed »

Unfortunately, we have been seriously obstructed in our efforts. Currently, we can neither make the roots available to the public nor provide them with the appropriate protection. All we have to show passers-by and visitors from all over the world is a barrier which has come to represent all that is absurd in a situation over which we have no control.