The mystery of the Tree Roots

The discovery of the place of Vincent's last painting

Paradoxically, the discovery took place one day in confinement by analogy with an old postcard, in the office of Wouter van der Veen, secretary general and scientific director of the Van-Gogh Institute, a world-renowned specialist in life and works of the Dutch master. The following photos will allow you to better understand :

They speak about the discovery

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Since this discovery, the roots are no longer visible to the public ...

During the discovery and after the agreement of the owners, the Van Gogh Institute ensured the protection of the site. An elegant way to protect the site was found by removing them from view first, and secondly, after the media announced the find, a grid had to be put in place to allow the public to admire the place without putting it in danger.

In a few weeks, the final grid was validated by all parties involved, funded and then forged. But the Town Hall finally refuses the authorization of works despite the agreement of the architect of the buildings of France.

Since then, a Panel has been installed by the Town Hall in front of the two windows created beforehand for the press conference, preventing any means for the owners and the Van Gogh Institute from now leaving this discovery to the public: residents and tourists alike cannot see the site of Van Gogh’s last painting…